If you have your own servers, then why not let us host them in our state of the art colocation facility?

Single Server Colo for 1U Servers

  • 1U rack space
  • 100Mbit full duplex port
  • 2 IPs included
  • Up to 1 amp included
  • APC power bar for remote reboots
  • 24/7 escorted access

Starting at £35.00 per month, with no minimum term.
Order Single Server Colo 1U now

Technical Details

  • Carrier Neutral facility with multiple Tier 1 transit links
  • 24/7/365 on-site security
  • 24/7 escorted access
  • APC Switched PDUs
  • 11,000 volt direct grid connection - Diverse LV transformers
  • 2N A & B UPS Systems
  • 2N Gas turbine and diesel power generation on site
  • Hot and Cold containment systems, Ecologically responsible cooling technology to 2N
  • Full environmental monitoring with in rack humidity, air flow and temperature reporting